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The mission for the Blackfoot Police Department is to enhance the quality of life for those who live in, work in, or visit
our community. Furthermore, we value our employees and are committed to improving their quality of life in the work place. In pursuit of this mission, we, as an organization, have a set of values, which along with city policies guide our actions. These values create a climate in which the daily delivery of quality services and support to our community can occur. Our actions individually, as well as collectively, need to be consistent with these values.

The police department exists to serve the community by protecting life and property; by preventing crime; by enforcing the laws; and by maintaining order for all citizens.

Our values are characteristics and qualities of worth. They are non-negotiable. Although we may need to balance them, we will never ignore them for the sake of expediency or personal preference.

We hold our values constantly before us to teach and remind us, and the community we serve, of our ideals. They are the foundation upon which our policies, goals and operations are built.

In fulfilling our mission, we need the support of citizens, elected representatives and city officials in order to provide the quality of service our values commit us to providing.



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            Policing in Mind........
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