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The Blackfoot City/Bingham County Investigations Unit has officers assigned to work specifically on narcotics cases. Persons involved in the drug trade commonly sell or manufacture out of their house. Here are some indicators that are consistent with a person operating a drug business in there home. 
1: The person appears to have no employment and lives beyond his means. 
2: Lights on all night in a specific room. 
3: The windows are blacked out or covered on a specific room. 
4: Late night traffic or heavy traffic with many different vehicles not commonly associated with the person living at the house. 
5: Strange smells of burning grass or ammonia chemical smells. 
There is reward money available for information leading to the arrest of narcotics violators. Persons giving information can remain anonymous and still provide information. To contact the Narcotics officers call 785-7840. For immediate response of a police officer, dial 911 



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